Establish wildlife corridors between National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of the Alaskan Arctic to allow for natural migration of wide-ranging wildlife and fish. Facilitate collaboration between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Native people to maintain healthy populations of polar bears and four species of eider ducks.

Strategy and Outcomes:

WildLandscapes is partnering with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska guides and outfitters, sportspeople, and Native people, to develop a robust in-state Alaska constituency for public lands through investment in ecotourism to benefit rural economies, Native villages, and wildlife.

To this end, we are developing and implementing an innovative, ecotourism-based conservation strategy for Alaska on six of its National Wildlife Refuges. Elements of our strategy include:

  • Securing public funding to invest in visitor infrastructure on Alaska National Wildlife Refuges.

  • Establishing the Alaska Refuge Bear Circuit – a world-class ecotourism opportunity to see all three of North America's bear species in a 10-day expedition.

  • Collaborating with Native peoples, private investors, and an ecolodge manager to establish an ecolodge adjacent to one of Alaska’s premier National Wildlife Refuges. The ecolodge will provide visitors with the opportunity to view large concentrations of waterfowl, brown bears, abundant salmon runs, and marine life including walrus and grey whales.

Investments in ecotourism, infrastructure, and visitor opportunities will yield economic gains for rural Alaskans, Native people, guides, outfitters, sportspeople, birdwatchers, and tourism-oriented businesses. These diverse stakeholders have credibility with local lawmakers and can become a powerful in-state voice for Alaska public lands.



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Alaska National Wildlife Refuges